As a supplier to the adhesive industry, our accumulated
experience and know-how of 40 years, has provided
innovation for today's and tomorrow's customer needs,
giving Royal it's leadership in the shoe adhesive industry.
Working closely with customers and research and
development in the laboratory and field enables Royal to
offer tailor made adhesives and innovative technology.
These services that Royal Adhesives provide to their
customers makes Royal the success it is today.
As an accredited company, efforts are made to assist our
customers in the use and safety of our products, by providing relevant material health and safety data sheets and safe handling and storage information.
What is an adhesive bond?
An adhesive bond is a chemical joining of two substrates, depending on the type of substrates to be bonded determines the type of adhesive to use. Various types of substrates may require pre-treatments such as solvent cleaning, chemical reacting, mechanical scouring, and speciality primers. All of which Royal and their technical team are trained to handle and cater for the customers needs.
Diagrammatically, we may represent the adhesive bonds as links in a chain, and if any are weak, then failure may be expected, as seen in this diagram: -
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